summer is here …

view of the American River

With two races this weekend, I had to push my long run to today. I am not sure how good of an idea that was with putting in a little over 7 miles on my run yesterday, but it is what it is and at the end of the week I just want to make sure that I get my total miles in on my legs.

Watt Ave. & American River

My long run today took me around a familiar route to cover my 15 miles that I was gunning to complete. I enjoy the runs around the Sacramento area because if you venture off of the American River trail there are a lot of things to see and pass. You can also get some rolling hills, flat road, and overpasses to mix up the types of runs that you go through. The one thing that I struggled with in today’s long run was the fact that I started a little later than normal on my run, which made me run in some warmer weather around mile 13 through 15. The 80 degrees is not too warm, however considering that I was running in sub 50 degree weather just one week ago the jump of 30 degrees kind of throws the body off a bit. So all of you runner’s in Sacramento, it looks like summer has finally caught up to us. We got spoiled with the cooler beginning to summer and now the heat will be kicking up a bit. So it is important to make sure that timing is everything when going on the long runs, to make sure you don’t get stuck out on the middle of the heat of the day.

Tomorrow it will be an off day before I get to run two races this weekend. I am excited for the Mountain House Community 5k on Saturday and the NRC Get Out ‘N Run 10k on Sunday. For you local runners around the Sacramento area, check out the NRC Get Out ‘n Run by logging onto their race website at

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