something new …

Today was the first day of diverting from the “3 + 2” workouts. With the recent development of the Buffalo Chips Racing Team, I have decided to focus my efforts of running under the wings of a well seasoned coach that will help each of the about 30 members run more competitively in races. I am also hoping that this change will help me get to the pace I want for a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon.
The first workout on the schedule wasn’t so much a hard workout, it was an assessment to see where we are at. For me it really wasn’t that true of an assessment to where I am with my mile times, because I ran the half marathon this past weekend that has left my legs a bit fatigued. Today’s “workout” started me off with a 10 minute warm-up run. After the warm-up I got right into three 1 mile runs and recorded the times today and submitted them in to my coach. After each of the 1 milers, I recovered for 2 minutes. To get back to my start point, I jogged for another 10 minutes as my active cool down. My 3 times were: 6:55, 6:52 and 6:59. I think if I did not have a race on Sunday, I probably could have pushed out times closer to 6:40 or so, or even faster, considering that my best 10k times have me pacing 6:35 per mile.
In the evening the strength workout continued with the garage group workout. Tonight, we did a full body workout pushing out 25 reps of each exercise … or as close to 25 as we could perform. Each exercise was only done for 1 set each. The exercises that we performed tonight included: dumbbell (db) squat to curl to press, db sit-ups, db flies, barbell (bb) squats, bb bent row, bb dead lift, db tricep extensions, db hammer, and flutter kicks. As far as the weights were concerned we used weights that we felt comfortable with and would allow us to get to the number of 25 for each exercise, some exercises allowing us to use more weight than others. 

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