just run …

the final stretch around my block

After a pretty strong showing in the half marathon this past Sunday, and a pretty hard workout and cross training on the days following, it was finally good to just get out and run. Today the workout for our team coach was just to get in a nice and easy run for time. I have not done one of these types of runs in a long time, so it was good to have one assigned to me by our Buffalo Chips Racing Team coach. 60 minutes on the road just getting the legs to work for a bit. I covered a little over 7 miles in this nice and easy pace. My route for this run was on a flat loop around my community neighborhood. 
Now that I am going to be getting runs in 5-6 days a week, I know there will be some adjustment in my running and probably going through a fatigue stage because I have only really been going on the streets 3 days a week in the previous workouts of the “3+2”. My overall mileage on the legs will increase, but I think for where I want to get to the only way of getting there is to put the work in and have a better plan on how I hit the pavement. Having a coach will definitely help me achieve some of my goals, now it is up to me to step up my running game when I need to to perform at the level I am capable of.
I know it is a Wednesday and some of your regular bloggers are probably wondering where is the strength workout. Well with a long run tomorrow, due to having 2 races this weekend, I am holding off on the strength workout for tonight. This week I am only completing 2 strength workouts while trying to conserve my energy for the Mountain House Community 5k on Saturday and the NRC Get Out ‘N Run 10k on Sunday. I hope to see some of you out at either one of these 2 races. 

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