a new week … lets go

After a solid run yesterday, often times the best thing for my legs to prevent stiffness is to get right onto the bike the following day. By doing so, this prevents the muscles from building up that lactic acid that causes those heavy and stiff legs. For today, I just decided to ride as long as I could to keep my fitness base going to stay focused on my true goal of getting ready to run the SF Marathon. The total time on the trainer for today was 1 hour 45 minutes. Since I have taken out the Insanity program from my workout, I have noticed that my workouts have been better especially my strength workouts in the evenings that I have been putting more time into about 3 days a week.
For the evening strength workout I did 9 exercises on the Jungle Gym for a quick workout. Each of the exercises were done over 2 sets with each set having 12 reps. The 9 exercises for tonight were push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, leg curls, squats, roll outs, knees to chest, tricep extensions, and dips. This might be my favorite quick overall body workout that I have been doing as of late. The next two nights this week (Tuesday & Wednesday), will include some more explosive exercises as I will be working out with my buddy Will to complete this weeks workouts for the garage group workout.
Starting tomorrow, my workouts will change slightly. I will be doing a workout plan under the direction and supervision of our Buffalo Chips Racing Team coach. There is now a new division of Buffalo Chips that is a racing team and will have about 30 of us helping to make for a more competitive environment. Let’s see how this helps my times and results. The big goal for this team builds into the California International Marathon. I am hoping that with this improved direct coaching, I will be able to find faster times in my 26.2. For more information about Buffalo Chips Racing Team or Buffalo Chips Running Club log onto their website at http://www.chipsrunning.com 
If your looking for a little motivation for your workouts today, here is an awesome video by Nike to why there isn’t a good excuse …

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