#187 is all good …

Well this type of blog posting has become pretty common this year. With tomorrow being my 8th race of the 2011 year, I have posted a check in blog in each of those previous races and will continue to post them as each race comes up. Now some of these check in post are more interesting than others. Obviously the bigger the race, the more exciting the blog for that day. However this check is a little different than any of the other half marathons I have been to. The event I will be running in tomorrow is the California Run Festival in Vacaville, California. 
So this one race is going to make for a very interesting race tomorrow. This is for a couple of reasons, first of all the t-shirts for this event are COTTON!!! who has a cotton t-shirt for a half marathon? This is the first I have seen for a half to have cotton shirts. In today’s day and age even some 5k and 10k races are providing technical shirts for their runners. So it is pretty safe to say that this shirt will end up on the “bin” of shirts that pretty much sit in the bin and collect a stack of shirts from races that include both technical shirts but mostly cotton shirts in there. 
The second thing that caught me by surprise was that there are no timing chips for a race that they are going to provide timing! Yes you read that correctly, I asked the people there how they were going to do this, and apparently people will be out on the course spotting runners with their times. This seems like a lot of work when technology can do that type of work for you. I just hope that with this being done, there is no way to “cut” the course so that people do not cheat their respective distances. The reason I say this is because there is a half marathon, full marathon, and 50k group all running together and hopefully the spotters can keep track of each runner. The only thing that separates each runner is a small colored sticker on our race bibs. 
Even with these 2 items that caught my attention, I am hoping that this will still make for a positive run. I am not sure how everything will turn out, but in the end there it is another race, and this is their first year to run this race. Hopefully,  the race directors will work on improving the run each year to continue to provide for more competitive races in Northern California. Let’s see how it all turns out, log in tomorrow to see how I finish and the break down of the course for the California Run Festival half marathon. 
For up to the minute post, follow me on twitter @chrismalenab. Tomorrow’s racing apparel, pre-race apparel, and post race apparel is all provided by GODSOME! Check their website out for all kinds of AWESOME active wear at http://www.godsome.org

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