saving it for sunday …

With my next half marathon on Sunday, I wanted to save my legs for this weekend so I can have a solid performance in my final half marathon before the SF Marathon. This Sunday’s run is also replacing my long run for the week. Though my long run is 18 miles, I know I will push my self pretty hard this weekend in the race, but I am intending on still running a couple of extra miles after the half to make up for the missing miles due to running just 13.1 rather than the 18 that my schedule calls for. For those of you looking to run in a half marathon this weekend to replace a long run, the race I will be partaking in is the California Run Festival in Vacaville, CA. For more information about this weekend’s race you can log onto their website at
So back to what I did today for a workout, it was an easy 3 miles. I ran the first 2 miles at a decent pace and then just logged in the third mile at a nice and easy pace. Total the run today I paced an average of seven minutes and fifteen seconds per mile. The weather in Sacramento today was pretty nice, in fact this morning it did get a little warm which was nice to see considering what we have been experiencing in Northern California over the last couple weeks and what is expected for this upcoming weekend. We are supposed to get some rain this weekend, but hopefully the rain holds back enough during the race.
After the easy 3, I spent a good amount of time with my Trigger Point Therapy tools. Today I used the Trigger Point roller and the massage ball. I spent most of my time working out any tight spots around my quads, calfs and back. This was well worth the time invested into helping with some of the recovery work that the muscles need every now and then. Like anything else our muscles that we break down need some maintenance work. If you are like me and you don’t have much extra time to make it in for a sports massage appointment, then Trigger Point Therapy has some of the best accessories and tools to help do it all yourself.
This weekend will be a fun and enjoyable race, new courses always are. I am curious to see the field this weekend to see who is out there, and even be able to meet and chat with new people out on the course, start and finish lines. The remainder of the week will be pretty simple, tomorrow is a light cross training workout followed by some recovery stretching. Saturday will be an off day where I just go and pick up my running packet, then Sunday is obviously the race. Stay up to date with how this race finishes out, by checking on the blog daily, or following me on twitter for up to the moment updates and links. You can find me on Twitter @chrismalenab. 

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