ready for the next …

The final “workout” before the next half marathon this weekend. I am pretty excited about being able to get up and make my way to a start line. In March and early April it seemed like I raced every weekend and with a couple of weekends off it seems like it has been such a long time since I last ran a race. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the crazy June weather that might be hitting us in Northern California. 
The cross training session for today was a 30 minute ride on the trainer. This just allowed me to warm the muscles up before I did a fairly lengthy recovery stretch with my legs. I focused primarily on the quads, hamstrings, calfs, and hip flexors. There was no use of the Trigger Point Grid roller or any of those special tools I have been using lately. I just some simple static stretches and used a towel to pull back on to provide the resistance. 
Rest and recovery days are pretty much needed for better performances, along with easier or lighter workout days going into a race. Over the last couple of months I have really tried to check out some rest and recovery logs. Even with logging onto various websites, I just recently found an article that I found to be pretty helpful with a check list. And the best part of this log is that it is FREE!!!! There are some pretty good ones out there that track all of your recovery and rest but can start adding up. I know it sounds kind of funny that you end up paying for rest days! I think it is pretty funny as well, but hey if it helps you to track your rest and recovery then in the end that will help with performance and allow for better results in the races. In the recent Triathlete magazine there was a page that read “Two New Ways to Measure Your Recovery”. This write up included a link to check out a recovery scale created by Triathlete. Go to to down load the Recovery Scale and find out your weekly scores.
You’ve been training hard, so make sure to get some rest and recovery into your week. Tomorrow I’ll be taking a workout day off, but checking into the California Run Festival and grabbing my bib number and other runner packet information.

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