Today is NRD!!!

Today can mean only one thing … National Running Day! June 1st is when thousands of people get out and run in groups or alone to celebrate a day that promotes running. The day hopes to jump start people to committing themselves to a lifetime of enjoyment in running, being active, and most importantly living a healthy lifestyle. For more information about National Running Day check out the official NRD website at … .
For me the day was a scheduled cross training day,so running was not originally in the plan. After a 45 minute cross training session, I decided to go and celebrate NRD on my own by doing a simple out and back for a total of maybe one mile. That is the shortest run I have done in a long long time. However, if it were not for NRD I wouldn’t have put that mile in. So in essence National Running Day even made me put in a couple extra steps to healthier living that I otherwise would not have done today.  As for the cross training workout itself, the pace was pretty easy, with my next half marathon coming around this Sunday, I want to save my legs for this weekends race. The idea behind the cross training today, was to just get the legs moving a little but still get the heart working to build the carido endurance. To be honest I am glad that today was a cross training day, because the weather has been really weird this spring in Sacramento. Today, there were thunder and lightening storms, along with some cold temperatures and rain and wind. However, I hope this weather didn’t hinder your chance to celebrate National Running Day!
With the garage group workout continuing this evening, we focused on 3 muscle groups tonight. The muscles that were the main target areas were the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Bicep exercises included barbell curls, EZ bar curls, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell hammer curls. Tricep exercises included resistance band push downs, overhead dumbbell tricep extensions, dumbbell kickbacks, and jungle gym tricep extensions. Shoulder exercises included barbell cleans, barbell press, dumbbell weighted punches, and dumbbell front and side raises. All of the exercises tonight were 2 sets each with each set consisting of 12 reps per set. 
I hope you had a good National Running Day! 

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