getting after some 400s

There is something about Tuesdays that I look forward to. Maybe because it is the first running workout of the week? Or it might have to do with the type of running workout. Tuesdays are my speed workouts. Where I get to go all out for shorter distances. Running so hard my legs feel like jello at the end and my lungs are pushed to where I start to gasp for air. I know sounds like a not too pleasant feeling right? But there is something about pushing the body to it’s limits especially during a speed workout. Trying to make the next run faster than the previous ones. By the end of the workout, it becomes a bit of a struggle because the previous intervals were pushed out so hard.

For today, I performed probably my favorite speed workout routine. Starting off with a 10 minute warm-up it is important to get the body primed for today’ workout with how hard I was intending on going with the intervals. The workout today called for 2 times through six reps of 400 meters. So basically the workout went like this … six 400 meter runs with a 1:30 rest interval between each 400 meter run, after the first set of six there is a 2:30 rest interval for the set, after the set rest I then performed another six 400 meter runs with the 1:30 rest interval between each one. My 400 times varied in times ranging from a fast of 1:20 to a slow of 1:32 and various times in between. After the workout, I did another 10 minutes to cool down, but this cool down was more of a jog rather than a run. By the time I got home I was in need of my GU Brew Recovery drink while getting the Trigger Point Roller out to work my quads and hamstrings out a little bit. 

In the evening the garage group workout continued for some strength work. The muscle groups that were targeted were the chest, back and abs. Chest exercises for tonight included bench press, jungle gym push ups, jungle gym flies, and medicine ball chest passes. All of the chest exercises were performed with 2 sets of 12 reps. The back exercises for tonight included bent over barbell row, jungle gym pull ups, jungle gym chin ups, and good mornings with the barbell. The back exercises were all performed by doing 2 sets of 12 reps per set. Finally, the ab exercises included 2 three minute combative rope drills (creating waves with both arms going up and down together), weighted crunches (2 sets of 12 reps), wood choppers (2 sets of 12 reps) , and planks (2 sets of 1 minute holds). 

Tomorrow is National Running Day! If you are looking for some ideas for NRD take a moment to check out their website suggestions: 10 ways to celebrate National Running Day

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