get me back on …

After a busy weekend and morning today, I couldn’t wait for my workout which was a little later start than normal, but a workout is a workout today. For the schedule, today was another cross training Monday. With my body feeling a little anxious from driving around and being on the sidelines of a soccer field for work. 
So today, I jumped right on the bike, and peddled pretty hard. With yesterday being a day off, I was ready to go after it today on the trainer. 60 minutes all out or at least as hard as I could for 60. Some of the 60 was stronger than other parts but in the end I still pushed the tempo today. One thing I am considering at looking at is a getting the Garmin Speed / Cadence Bike Sensor to have a sense of cadence while on the bike. I still have some researching to do before I look at investing into it. But from what I have read is that it is pretty accurate. 
Without the garage group scheduled for tonight, I did a quick strength workout on my own right after jumping off the trainer. For today, I did all Jungle Gym related exercises. Exercises for today included: push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, in and out rolls, squats, leg curls and knees to elbows. Each exercises was pretty simple as far as reps and sets. Today I continued with the 2 sets of 12 reps that I have been doing for about a week. I have noticed that by doing less sets and 12 reps per set, I have focused on the form and have actually felt more from the workout than trying to force more reps or sets just to get a higher number pushed out.
Well that’s all I have for today. I hope your workout day was a good one as well. Remember there are only a couple of days until National Running Day. June 1st is National Running Day … for more information about NRD check out the official website at .
My workout active wear as always is provided by GODSOME! faith driven activewear. Checkout their website at . And remember they are a “ONE FOR ONE” company. Support the cause and purchase a shirt, the logos and designs are pretty cool. 

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