a little cricket …

Today is an off day for me. Taking a true rest day without any random workouts has probably been one of the best things for me. I know I love my workouts and want to do the best I can in races. Sometimes the best way to build on a good workout is to rest. Letting the body just recover allows it to also grow and develop. Every time I work out or go on a run the muscles are being broken down at some extent. If I just break them down day after day then they will never grow and develop for the better. So in the end these off days of rest after 5-6 days of all out work is good for the body. Like a scheduled workout serves it’s purpose, rest days also serve a purpose as well.
So for my day off today it was about having a good day and spending some time with my my and family after work. And really on days off of workouts and rest days, I’m so fortunate to enjoy those days coaching a beautiful game.. That game being soccer. As many of you know that is my full time job. After work, why not continue with the soccer environment by visiting a local English Pub for some darts. The game of choice for darts is cricket. By the way my wife crushed me in a game of darts. But I still had fun on my day away from workouts.  
The more I look at various workouts and talk to people about workouts the biggest thing each plan or person brings up is the rest day. There has to be a rest to a heavy workout week to recover. This is something that I needed to follow in previous runs. This goes along with my focus on nutrition and hydration during a race. I am hoping the more I emphasize the rest days and in race nutrition the better the results I will have. 
Keep checking back and see how all of it comes together as I get closer and closer to the SF Marathon. 

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