ready for the next …

With a busy weekend a tempo run was perfect for today. I am one week away from my next half marathon and am hoping that the tempo run today and later next week can help me establish the pace I am hoping for in my next half marathon. The tempo run today was a 7 mile tempo run around a familiar loop in my neighborhood. The pace was steady, not too crazy but also not something that was too easy either. The wind and some light sprinkles came down this morning during my run. In the end I was still able to break out a seven minute per mile pace which I am hoping for going into next Sunday’s half marathon. I know some of you that track my race times and previous runs might look at the 49 minute run as average, but recently that is something I have decided to do in preparation for the SF Marathon is to slow my training up a little so I don’t burn my legs out in training. 
There isn’t too much else to report for today other than the tempo run. Tomorrow will be a day off and next week will be a good week of workouts lined up going into the half marathon. The June 5, California Run Festival Half Marathon in Vacaville, Ca. will be my third half marathon of the 2011 season and my eighth race of the calendar year. I am hoping to post my best time in this half for the year, however if I read the course description correctly there is a stop half way through where bob numbers get marked because of the fact that the half is on a loop and also there are other races being done on that same loop. This should make for an interesting run this Sunday. In the end getting a run in and experiencing a new course and running amongst new people is always a good thing. 

I hope all of you have a good long weekend and best of luck to all of you running in the Buzz Oates No Excuses 5k on Monday. 

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