get done quick …

Today was a really easy day as far as working out is concerned. 60 minutes on the trainer is all I invested into today’s workout. No strength training, no additional other forms of cardio. Sometimes I have to just go easy and do a simple cross training session on the trainer. For today, a good sweat and the legs moving is all I needed to be happy with my workout. I have gone pretty strong and hard at my workouts this whole week and tomorrow will be a good tempo workout followed by a rest day on Sunday. Since I have been happy with my runs and other workouts, there is no need to over due a simple day.
Today’s blog is pretty short since there is not much to report on, I didn’t browse many workout websites or come across any articles that made me want to change my approach on anything that I am currently doing. However, I am excited about my next half marathon, which is next Sunday June 5th. It should make for a good race, and will begin a series of a number of runs that I will be racing in through the month of June and July building into the SF Marathon on July 31st. 
Keep up with all the upcoming races I have by logging onto my blog and checking out the upcoming races section on the right hand side. And if you want up to the minute results on my races don’t forget you can follow me on twitter (@chrismalenab). I also post links to articles through my twitter that sometimes I don’t mention in the blog. 
To end the blog today … Here is a photo of my “candy dish” what is in yours? If your a runner it probably looks similar to this one! 

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