thirteen … done …

On the schedule for the “3+2” it had me running my tempo run today. However, with my work schedule for this upcoming weekend, I had to move my long run to today and push my tempo run onto Saturday. The typical workout week with the three runs would have me doing my speed work on Tuesday, tempo run on Thursday and long run on Saturday. The little bit of time makes a difference and allows me to get my workout in and still have the same amount of total miles at the end of the week. For those of you that don’t think you have enough time, really you do, it is just about moving workouts around to just allow you to make it all happen. 
So for the long run today was a shorter long run compared to what I have done in the recent weeks. Today was a 13 mile run. Which is perfect since next Sunday I will be running in another half marathon in Vacaville. As for the 13 miles today, it felt really good hitting the road and putting in a couple of good solid miles today. My total time for todays 13 miles was 1 hour 36 minutes and 30 seconds. I ran a pretty relaxed pace today and just wanted to feel good at the end of the run. It is nice to know that on a relaxed day, I can push out a pretty decent time for 13 miles. Now only if I could only do the same for the second thirteen miles in a full marathon. This was all I did for the morning workout, without hitting the insanity program or anything like that it allows me to get right into recovery mode. After putting down my recovery drink, I used my Trigger Point roller for about 20 minutes rolling out any spots that felt a little on the tight side after the run.
The garage group workout continued again tonight with some solid strength workouts. By changing the workouts recently, we have seen some pretty good results and definitely felt our muscles working since we both have felt a little sore in certain muscles groups, that were not getting sore previously. Tonight we targeted the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Bicep exercises included barbell curl, ez bar curl, dumbbell curl, dumbbell hammer curl. Triceps exercises included jungle gym tricep extensions, overhead tricep extension, dumbbell kickbacks, resistance band pull downs. Shoulder exercises included hanging clean,s overhead barbell press, overhead plate lifts, lateral shoulder lift. All of the weighted exercises listed above were 2 sets of 12 reps per set. After the weighted exercises we did four sets of 2 minute combative rope drills to build some muscle endurance in our arms and shoulders. 

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