something new …

With a long run tomorrow, I wasn’t trying to push anything too crazy today when it came to using my legs. However, I did introduce some new upper body workouts with a new piece of equipment that I got. I’ll breakdown the Jungle Gym a little later in the blog.
To start of the day, I had my usual morning workout. The schedule had me cross training today, so I jumped on the trainer for 60 minutes. The 60 minute peddle has kind of been the staple for shorter cross training days. Knowing that I am only doing the cross training on the trainer without the Insanity Program to follow, I have found myself pushing a little harder on the trainer. This I am okay with, since the trainer is a lower impact cross training exercise that I am using just to build the cardio. Now I know the legs get a little bit of work, but that just comes with any cross training I am doing to build my overall endurance to prepare me for my next 26.2 and for the main one of the year the CIM in December. And since I mentioned he California International Marathon, I want to remind all of you that the registration fee increases next Wednesday to $105. So if you are planning on running the CIM in 2011, I suggest you register soon since it is only $85 at the moment.
Now to the fun and exciting part of today’s workouts. As many of you know I am always looking for something different. Something to help develop functional strength but also something challenging that has me almost falling over. Many of you have probably heard of the TRX, which has been pretty popular with cross fit exercises for pull ups, push-ups, and other various exercises. Well I found a cheaper alternative to the TRX, it is called the Jungle Gym by Lifeline USA. I found it a Sports Chalet, in the Sacramento area. I am sure various sports retail stores also have this same product. The Jungle Gym connects to any door, cross beam or pole. It is very easy to use and set up. Also it only takes seconds to adjust the height to move the handles and foot straps to the appropriate height for whatever exercises you are planning on doing.
For the strength workout for tonight, the muscles groups of focus were the chest, back and core areas. The exercises for the chest included chest fly on jungle gym, barbell floor bench, jungle gym dips, torso rotations with barbell ands push-ups. The push ups were done in 2 sets of 1:00 intervals, all other exercises were done with 2 sets of twelve reps. Exercises for the core included, knees to elbow on jungle gym, in & out rolls on jungle gym, and med ball tosses. The med ball tosses were done in 2 sets with each set lasting 3:00 long. All other core exercises were done with 12 reps for 2 sets. For the back, exercises included bent barbell rows, pull-ups on jungle gym, good mornings. Like the other weighted exercises the back workouts were also done with 2 sets of 12 reps per set. If your looking for something new that is challenging and will give you something extra in your workouts, I recommend that you look at the Jungle Gym, TRX or any of those variations.

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