speedy meters

Tuesday morning to me really only means one thing … Run as fast as I can! The faster I run it the quicker it is over … right? Well sometimes the speed workouts work that way and sometimes the shorter distances seem like they take forever. Fortunately, today was one of those days were it seemed to fly. 
The workout on the roads around my neighborhood started off with a 2000 meter warmup run. This was a nice and easy pace allowing my body to warm up and legs shake out some of that morning funk. After the 2000 meters I started on the speed workout for the day, six sets of 800 meters with a 1:30 rest interval between each run. The pace of these runs varied, ranging from 2:55 to 3:10 for each of the 800 meter runs. The last two were my slower intervals because I decided to perform the runs will attacking a freeway overpass. Even though it is not a crazy climb I still need to attack some climbs to help prepare for the SF Marathon. After the final 800, I continued with a lighter run for 1600 meters to finish off my morning workout. 
In the evening I hit the strength workouts with the garage group workout, focusing on shoulders and arms. On all the weighted exercises we dis 2 sets of 12 reps and I focused on performing the exercises as quickly as possible. Like yesterday’s strength workout I selected weights that were not too light but not too challenging to perform the 12 reps. The bicep exercises included: barbell curls, EZ Bar curl, dumbbell curl, reverse barbell curl, reverse EZ bar curl, and dumbbell hammer curl. Tricep exercises included skull crushers, dumbbell kick backs, tricep pull downs with resistance bands, and two handed overhead tricep presses. For shoulders exercises included hanging cleans with a barbell, overhead barbell press, and front dumbbell raises. Then to top it off and get some muscle endurance and a little core training we finished off the workout with 4 sets of 2 minute combative rope drills. 
Over the last couple of days I have been fortunate enough to try out and do some product testing for my active wear sponsor GODSOME! Remember to check out their website at http://www.godsome.org for more information. Their active running wear will be released shortly, but in the mean time check out their casual wear and other products. GODSOME! is a “one for one” company so keep that in mind when you are unsure if you want to purchase an item. A “one for one” company is a company that donates a product similar to hat purchased to a child in need. So by purchasing a product you are also helping someone else out that might not otherwise be able to get a new shirt. 

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