working on the heavy …

After an outstanding run up in Truckee yesterday, today was back to lower elevation and on the trainer for a cross training day. There was nothing to exciting when it comes to my workout today except for the fact that these next couple of months will be pretty interesting as there are plenty of races through the months of June and July ending with the SF Marathon. Now as far as some of the other runs for August and beyond are concerned there is only 1 race that I am officially registered for, that being the California International Marathon in December. All other races after July are hit and miss and will be based on my work schedule and if I am in town or not. Perhaps if I am on the road I can try to find a morning race in the city which I happen to be in that day. 
The workout today was pretty simple. I started with 60 minutes on the indoor trainer. The pace was nice and easy just getting the legs to work and breaking a sweat. While I was on the trainer, I was able to watch the 60 minutes interview with Tyler Hamilton. This is a pretty interesting series of events that surround one of the most famous athletes in the United States, Lance Armstrong. Just recently Tyler Hamilton confessed that Lance Armstrong was using the ban substance EPO while winning the Tour De France. To be honest, I don’t buy it. It just seems too fishy for Tyler Hamilton to say all of these things in the fashion he did. It almost sounds like he is ready to write a tell all book. Or he has a personal issue with Lance Armstrong and he is trying to just get his name out there. Nonetheless, the workout on the trainer was light and simple, but a good one especially after being in a car for a couple of hours driving back down from the hills. 
After the trainer I decided to mix in a little bit of upper body conditioning. I did this by throwing in some of my old combative workouts. This might be news to some of you, but I used to box a number of years ago. To me it is a great workout and even if you have no interest in fighting or sparing at anytime, the workouts themselves have a lot to offer. Tonight I did a very simple and quick bag routine. I did four 2 minute rounds on the heavy bag primarily hitting the jab (I am an orthodox boxer, so my jab is with my left hand). On occasion I would do some taps with my right arm, the punching motion is still a bit slower as my right shoulder still has a little tweak to it. At the 30 seconds remaining mark, I did speed tap exercises touching the bag with alternating left and right hands, this exercises pretty much is all speed and no power by standing as close as I can to the bag and just tapping it. As far as my shoulder is concerned I am hoping to get some further news this Wednesday when I visit with my doctor on my follow up from last week’s MRI. 
There was still one more exercise on my plate before I called it a night. Since I am stopping the Insanity program after completing it last week, I am going to have to do isolated ab workouts when I complete my other workouts. Today it was simple, 300 crunches. Sometimes with ab work and trying to develop strength in the core, I just go with some of the old stuff like the simple movement of a crunch. 

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