a couple hours on …

Long cross training days like today are often times needed for a couple of reasons. Those include the physical of getting my cardio in for an amount of time similar to that of a long run. However I think the biggest thing with a long cross training day on the trainer is beneficial to the mental as well. Just going for time and not worrying about distance allows me to workout without the stresses of making a split or having to hold a particular miles per hour pace. Even though I do push the tempo on the bike, it still is relaxing mentally without the extra though of … What is my pace… Am I on track to hit a time by mile number … Being able to go is just like running without the watch to have to keep my pace. 
The cross training time for today was 120 minutes of pure enjoyment. By completing the Insanity workout program and not going right back into it, I have more time to dedicate to the actual cross training exercises that are recommended in the “Run Less Run Faster” book. I think in the end my runs will be of better quality without the Insanity for the time being because I won’t be hitting the plyometrics so frequently. 
As for the strength workout for today, I did a very quick workout with weights. The set and rep count for tonight was 2 sets of 12 reps of each exercise: bench press, calf raises, lat pull downs, dumbbell curls. For the bench press I did a floor bench press with a barbell and for the lay pull down I used resistance bands while in a seated position. After those exercises I then isolated the abs with crunches and sit-ups. For those I performed 2 sets of 15 reps each. The strength workout was good enough to engage those particular muscle groups without going crazy. As for the weight itself I used weights that were comfortable for me to do 12 reps without them being too light or too challenging. 

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