im off with 72 to go

After a long run yesterday and putting my tempo run tomorrow, today would only make sense to have as an off day for training. The more and more I am reading about rest days, the more I need to make them a habit that I take true rest days. Not just take off from one thing but still do some other sort of activity where I am pushing myself wither it be cross training, plyometric, or strength training. A day off is a day off and that is what I need to make sure I am doing. Since the other 6 days of the week I am pushing pretty hard, I need to allow my body to rest and most importantly recover.
I am pretty excited for my run tomorrow as it is going to be at a little higher elevation than I am used to, so that should put a little challenge with the thinner air. No problem though since it will be good for me to run and train in a place that is a little bit tougher than I am familiar to. It will be a morning run that I will be enjoying. I am not really too sure about the route just yet, so tomorrow I will have a more in depth about the run and where it was and how it was. So make sure to check back with the blog to find out more about it. The only thing I can really tell you is that it is in Truckee, CA. During the drive up there was some snow on the sides of the road, so I am hoping that it doesn’t get too cold in the morning. Then again a little added snow on the sides of the route I will be running will be a nice little change.
On a final note for today’s off day, there was a little running business that I had to tend to with my sponsor. GODSOME! is my official active wear sponsor, who has supplied me with some training gear as well as pre race and post race gear. Today, I was provided with some more apparel which I am excited to start using in the next couple of days. It is for product review, so I am pretty good at beating up gear, especially training gear. I will post some of the better stuff that I recommend on the blog as I start to train and race in their apparel. For the time being if you are interested in some of their leisure clothing there is plenty of cool graphics and accessories on their website Along with the comfortable shirts don’t forget they are a “ONE FOR ONE” company. So every time you purchase something you are helping a child in need as GODSOME! donates that same item to a child. 
Only 72 days until the SF Marathon and when I get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge … stay up with everything that is going into the race by keeping up with my blog or tracking some of the other items by following me on twitter (@chrismalenab). 

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