5,980 feet

the team that ran the 5.5 mi. together

This weekend work brought me up to Truckee, California. Truckee’s elevation sits just under 6,000 feet (5,980 feet to be exact from the Garmin Training Center map). The air is much thinner than what I am familiar to here in Sacramento. So the run this morning was going to be a pretty good challenge in regards to the elevation and some of the rolling roads combined with the first 1.6 miles of trail that would get us to the pavement. Today’s run I wasn’t alone on this journey and challenge. My run today had me running along side one of my boys soccer teams I coach and 4 of the dad’s on the team. With the various fitness levels of the team, today’s pace was a little slower than I would have tried to push but in the end it was still a nice run with my boys and the area in which we completed it.

When we hit the outdoors, the temperature was about 35 degrees however once the sun peaked through the trees and the body started to get warm the cool morning was no longer an issue in fact it was fairly warm by the end of the run today. The run itself started on a little trail, nothing too difficult except for the rocks and pine cones that would sneak under your feet if you weren’t looking out for them. This trail only lasted for about 1.6 miles of the 5.5 total miles put into the workout this morning. Hitting a little trail made me think to myself how enjoyable trails can be and perhaps I might want to venture into some trail running at some point. Perhaps the biggest challenge of this first part of the run was the adjustment to the elevation, as I could feel my lungs working a little harder during the first part of the run. However, by the 2nd and 3rd miles I was pretty surprised that I was pretty well adjusted to the elevation. I had thought I would be gasping for air through most of the run today.
After the trail portion of the run it was all paved road for the remainder of the run. The paved road allowed for some faster paced runs pushing my legs and lungs to work a little harder since the overall tempo was a little slower than I was hoping. I was able to push some shorter speed work runs as I would loop back from the middle of the team to the back and then catch up to the front group. So at any given time I was able to get in some 400 meter sprints pushing the tempo on the paved areas. The paved are was not flat at all in fact this area had most of the rolling portions of the run along with a couple short challenging climbs, that added to a little work for the legs. 
In the end as a group the last player in averaged about an 8:00 minute mile for the 5.5 miles. Because I was going back and forth and checking in with players I really was not sure what my average time per mile was so from a tempo run, it was tough to gauge, however I do know I was able to push some of the run at times. I did enjoy the elevation training, and perhaps there will be more opportunities to get some elevation training along with hitting the trails, and definitely hitting the hills as I prepare for the SF Marathon. 70 days until the SF Marathon!!!

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