two forty …

What an awesome day to get a long run in with the sun finally coming out and the winds and rain nonexistent today. With the change of the long run from Saturday to today, I made it a point to hold off until a time where there was less traffic since I typically do runs on the busier streets. Also there was a lot of going back and forth about adding other workouts after the 20 miler I pushed out today, which I will address later in the blog. 
The 20 miles today were a smooth 20 miles. I ran a familiar loop that started me at my house and ended at my house. The route itself is very flat with a couple of small rolling roads and a couple of overpasses including the Fair Oaks bridge which is part of the CIM course.. As far as time is concerned for today, I completed the 20 miles in a total time of 2 hours and 40 minutes. Nice and easy not pushing too hard except for a couple of times where I would push certain portions of the run with a little quicker pace and then slowing it down at times. The main goal for the run was just to get the miles in. Through the run I continued to consume the Hammer Nutrition gels like I have been on my other long training runs. I truly believe this is something that I have missed and had caused me to have lackluster performances in the later parts of my previous marathons. Also running with a water bottle has helped me to stay hydrated through the course of the longer training runs. 
After the 20 miles I decided to skip the Insanity workout, with that being said I think the Insanity program calendar is now over for me for the time being. This was week 8 and the last scheduled workout week for the program. After a pretty strong 7 weeks, I started to realize maybe some of my weaker performances in some of my recent races might have been due to the overuse of the plyometrics in training. So I am going to pull back on the day after day plyometrics and put more of that time into increasing my flexibility and adding a little more time on the bike.
In the evening I still did a light strength workout. Tonight’s strength workout was done alone, so no garage group workout tonight. The workout was quick and pretty easy to complete as I focused on one muscle group. The main focus tonight was the back and all exercises were only 2 sets at twelve reps per set. Exercises performed tonight were pull ups, chin ups, good mornings, bent over rows, and supermans (hold for 35 seconds each). The group of exercises was good enough to isolate the back and I felt the back and supporting muscles working.
After my workouts today, I did get a pleasant surprise in the mail. I received my medal from this last weekend’s Folsom Run with Nature. Now that wasn’t the surprise, but what came with it. I didn’t realize I would get  a $20 voucher at Fleet Feet Fair Oaks. As every runner knows that every little bit counts and helps when we can get discounted running garb.
Well that is it for today folks. I hope that you guys continue to follow my blog as this summer starts to pick up on the training and I start to log in some longer miles and hopefully put more variation in the strength work. Also tomorrow I was going to hit a tempo run, but changed the workout to putting the tempo run on Saturday. Follow me on my blogs from this weekend to find out why there was a change in the plans and what makes me excited about this tempo run.

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