like the gym days …

So today was a pretty low key day as far as what I have been doing with trainings is concerned. Real simple nothing to where I was struggling and feeling like my legs were going to fall off or anything like that. The works still took a little bit of time and some exercises a little more challenging than others, but in the end my legs will be well rested for my long run tomorrow. Due to my work schedule commitments, I am shifting my long run and tempo runs in before this weekend. The change in running should be pretty interesting to see what I have in the tank come this weekend. 
For the morning workout, I decided to skip the Insanity workout today. Yes another Insanity workout skipped for the reason I stated above about my long run and tempo runs being on consecutive days. I don’t want to hit the plyos hard and then try to put in 20 tomorrow, which by the way is my goal is to get a 20 miler in, assuming I have the time to. The workout started with a nice and easy 20 minutes on the trainer just to get the body warmed up. After the trainer I went into some interval circuit training focusing on the chest, back, and shoulders. The main goal for these workouts was to build some muscle endurance. One of the things I noticed this past Sunday at the Avenue of Vines was that again my shoulders started to fatigue out pretty early in the race. The exercises were pretty simple for the morning workout and some of them were combined movements such as working the chest and back in one exercise. These exercises were performed with a 12 rep count with low weights. To end the morning session I jumped back onto the trainer for another casual 20 minutes just to get the body a little extra cardio, but without hitting the peddles too hard.
Then came the night time workout with my buddy Will as we did a more core based workout. The workout tonight made me feel like it was a number of years back when I used to do personal training out of a local gym, with athletes. Writing up my workouts and deciding them is an added thrill in the workout themselves. For the workout tonight we did the following exercises and did 3 sets of each, the number in the parentheses indicates the target rep count: Torso Rotations (20), medicine ball push-up (20). single arm medicine ball push-ups (10 each arm), floor bench press (8-12), standing wood choppers (12 each side), trunk rotation (12), reverse crunches (20), and weighted crunches (20). If you want to know a detailed explanation of the exercises you can google the exercise name or contact me through the blog comments below. 

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