it was storming …

This has been one of the oddest spring weeks I can remember. For the last couple of days there has been some major storms coming through Northern California. If you don’t believe me and aren’t experiencing it first hand just read some articles surrounding the Amgen Tour of California. Now as far as today goes from my workouts, the road running was a little less speed and a little more resistance training today. I guess it is a sign that my first running workout after the Avenue of Vines where there was a strong head wind that held me back a bit, it is meant for me to start training in conditions with a head wind. 
The workout on paper today seemed pretty easy. It started off just like every speed workout on a Tuesday, a 10 minute warm-up run to get the body and legs ready to tackle the heart of the workout. After the warm-up run, came a series of some pretty good intervals. The first set today was two 1200 meter runs with a two minute rest interval between each one. After the two runs, came a set of four 800 meter runs also with a 2 minute rest interval. To maximize the amount of speed going into the run, I walked the 2 minute rest intervals. After interval speed training, I continued with a five minute jog to get me back to my house where I jumped right onto the trainer for a little cool down. The trainer today was in no way a workout break a sweat speed. The trainer pace today was very slow and a true cool down for 15 minutes. 
Like most workouts that are a challenge it is two days after the workout where I feel it in my legs or core. Today was that day where I felt the 2 races in a weekend fatigue kick in. So for today I skipped my Insanity workout. Yes, I know there is only 1 week left in the Insanity workout, but again it is making sure I have the legs to make sure I can pull out a long run this week and focus on the main workouts I have. Those main workouts are obviously my 3 calendared runs for the week. For those of you that are new to following my blog my 3 quality runs I put in each week are the speed workout (shorter intervals), a medium distance tempo run (typically 6 – 8 miles), and a long run (15-20 miles). 
Now just because my legs didn’t feel like hitting the plyometric workouts, doesn’t mean that an evening strength workout was a scratch. In fact the evening garage group workout was in full effect tonight with some workouts. Lately we have been looking up workouts online to put some variety in the strength workouts we perform. For almost 2 years my buddy Will and I have been doing the P90X for most of our workouts, we decided it is time to change it up for a bit. We are going to change our workouts every 4 weeks or so, to keep our muscle groups working new exercises. So stay tuned for the various workouts we will be performing in the garage group workouts.
As for the actual workout tonight, we did a lot of resistance work with tubing and used a barbell to change our workouts from the dumbbells. For the exact workouts tonight that is a secret for now, until we are able to find the best workouts we have done and those I will post once we come across a “must do” workout. The major muscle groups we worked on tonight were arms, shoulders and core. I am continuing to work on the range of motion workouts for my shoulder to try to help with it’s recovery. I am hoping that sooner rather than later I can get some pool work going.
On another note, continuing from last night’s post about the Amgen Tour of California, I submitted a photo to the U Local contest hosted by KCRA 3 here in Sacramento. I am hoping you blog followers can click on the link below, “like” the photo to help keep my photo in the running for a new bike. The process only takes a matter of seconds, so please help me out in winning the Felt Bike. Click on this link:

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