stage 2 was amazing …

One day after a pretty busy weekend, it was time to jump right back onto the bike. Along with the bike, today included another insanity workout, an evening strength workout, and a time outside to enjoy the Amgen Tour of California. Most of today’s blog will be focusing on the Amgen Tour of California. I know many of you might think … isn’t this a running blog. Well as many of you know me beyond the blog, I am a fan of all types of sports … cycling included. To me these are some of the true world class athletes. I will continue more about the tour towards the second half of the blog.
While yesterday was a half marathon and the day before that it was a 5k, today is about getting back on the bike and working for the next race and continuing to build for the SF Marathon on July 31st. What an awesome way to get a cross training in on the trainer today while trying to track what is going on with the Amgen Tour and where they will start and most importantly when they will finish in Sacramento today. Today’s cross training day was a pretty good duration and at a good tempo. I was on the trainer for 85 minutes working the legs and keeping them going while I was able to build a pretty good sweat just one day after putting the 13.1 in Lodi. 
After completing the trainer work, I jumped right into the Insanity scheduled workout for today. The workout on the calendar for today was the Max Interval Plyo workout. The 55 minutes of jumping and leg work today definitely felt extra special after yesterday’s run. For those of you that track my blog on a regular, might have noticed that this is my first Insanity workout since last Thursday. With the 2 races this past weekend and taking last Friday completely off, I skipped a couple of workouts on the Insanity program. I was okay with this because I was going to be hitting the races pretty hard this past weekend, and for me the Insanity workouts are a supplemental workout and not the heart of the workout on my training plan. This is also the last week of Insanity. 8 weeks worth of jumping, lunging, squats and all kinds of various movements to help me work on developing various parts of my body and especially hitting the core pretty hard. After this week is completed, I have decided that I am going to take a break from following the Inanity program day to day and picking and choosing my workouts based on what I feel I need to focus on.
Morning workout was done, and with the rain coming down pretty hard yesterday the fields were closed and that meant a day off of work because practices were cancelled today. This opened up sometime for me to stroll to downtown Sacramento and await the arrival of the riders of the Amegen Tour of California. The riders today started stage 2 in Nevada City, about 80 miles out of Sacramento. The original stage was supposed to have started further up but with the freezing conditions the roads were covered with ice and unsafe for the riders. There was a lot of concern for their safety especially with the recent death last week during the Tour of Italy, due to a road crash during one of the stages. Stage 2 day was actually the first day of racing for the riders because Stage 1 was cancelled yesterday due to the odd weather we got here in California. 
photo submitted for the contest
Downtown Sacramento was completely packed today as fans came out to cheer on these world class athletes from all over the globe. The field was full of Tour De France stage winners and top riders from their various countries. It was a really exciting feel out there as these riders came into the Sacramento area, flying at speeds around 35 mph. I was posted near the Capitol with my dad as we took some photos as they zipped on by. Luckily for the Downtown Sacramento fans the route had them go around the Capitol 4 times before making their way to finish on 10th and L Street. One of the photos I was able to grab today, I submitted into a contest. I am hoping you blog readers can take a quick moment to click on the link and “like” the photo and “rate” it. ( What a better way to represent our city with a rider passing by in front of the Capitol. 
After the excitement of the Amgen Tour of California, the garage group workout continued tonight. We did a modified version the “300 workout”, which was a workout done by the cast of the movie “300”. For more information about the workout google it and various modifications will come popping up. It is amazing how easy it is to find various workouts to change things around in your routine. We also did combative rope drills and medicine ball work for the abs. 
Well I know there was a lot done today and definitly this is something I am going to do up until my next race which is in a couple of weeks. And ultimately all this work I am hoping will help pay off in the SF Marathon. Before you sign off for the night, remember please help me out by voting for my photo … click on this link and just hit “like”. Share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter to have them vote for it as well.

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