Folsom’s Run with Nature 5k

It was a pretty cool race day for a spring morning in Sacramento. However this cool morning might be the norm for the next couple of days which worries me a bit for tomorrow. Today was still a good day to run … in all honesty, i think every day is a pretty good day to run. I just think that some days are a little more cooperative than others. The race today had a number of fast younger runners at the start of the 5k. Still I was ready to take on this fast start and a little slower finish. A 5k race is something that is pretty new to me, something I have never logged in with an official time. Today was going to be the day that I set a PR on record. I have ran my own 5k runs around my neighborhood and have kept some of those time. The only thing that was getting me anxious was … could I run that time I have done before in the 5k today.
The nice thing today in Folsom at the Run with Nature was that the various runs were all started at different times. The 5k, 10k and obstacle run were all done very spread out. This made it for an easy trek and especially start. The race started off right on time this morning, no complaints about getting to the line or even finishing. This course might seem pretty easy on the map, and even during the first mile and a quarter, but like all courses there is always one thing that challenges you as a runner.
The first mile was all down hill at this run, just fast, and all speed. In fact for about the first mile I was running in the top three runners. I felt good hitting the road as it started to flat and I was keeping a pretty good pace. I crossed the 1 mile marker at a time of 5 minutes and 40 seconds. That is the fastest first mile I have ran as long as I can remember since tracking my runs. After the flats through the river trail came some of the climbs and hills. This is where I had a little bit of trouble. Hills aren’t my fastest spot … I prefer the flats since that is what I really train on and for … Once we got back to towards the starting point we passed the other 5k runners going towards were we just came from to circle around. Now this is where the climb started. All those downs hills that gave me a fast first mile, gave me a little challenge in the end. Still this was a good race.
I finished in a time of 20:11. No this was not my PR from a training or racing standpoint, but at least I set a mark for my 5k time in a race. Overall I did pretty well, I finished 5th overall and 2nd in the men’s 30-39 division. This gave me another race where I took home a medal. 
As always a big thank you to GODSOME! Faith driven active wear for providing me with my pre-race and post race apparel. For more information about GODSOME! log onto their website at

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