With a couple of days until my next race and then another one a day after that, today was a pretty easy workout day. Tuesday was a good speed workout, leaving me confident that I will do well on Saturday in the 5k. Now for today, just doing an easy 3 is to save my legs for Sunday. With the 2 runs this weekend, I started thinking while I did my 3 mile loop today … I was thinking this is my first 5k I have ever ran. Whenever there is a 5k / 10k run I have always ran the 10k. So I guess this Saturday will be a PR day in a 5k race for me. However, I have done some training runs that are 5k and I have logged those times before. I know what I am capable of, but with that being said this Saturday will be my first official 5k time in a race, so it should be interesting as to how I do from a personal standpoint in relation to my training runs that are about 5k distance and how I do in comparison to other runners my age and overall. By the way with the 3 miles I did today to start off my workouts I ran a familiar loop around my neighborhood without my Garmin.
After I completed the morning miles, I went straight into the Insanity Max Recovery workout. This is a good workout to rest the muscles from the previous week of jumping, squatting and lunging. Most of the movements are isolated and have some sort of yoga or palates hold. This is actually something I would recommend to anyone looking for a workout to get long stretches in as well as work on a little balance without having to follow the Insanity program day by day.
With today being a nice and easy day, I decided to take about 15 minutes after my run & Insanity workout to spend time with my Trigger Point roller. I spent most of my time working my quads and hip flexors to get out any knots that have been building up over the course of several workouts. If you have not used a Trigger Point roller, try one out. Once you use one I am pretty certain you will not go back to relying on your old foam roller that you have been using for years.
Before getting home this evening, I took a little time to go pick up my race number and shirt for this Saturday’s Run with Nature in Folsom. Tomorrow I will be making a little side trip to Stockton to pick up my race number for Sunday’s Avenue of the Vines Half Marathon in Lodi. For the 5k this Saturday, I am pretty impressed with the technical shirt that was given to even the 5k runners. Typically, 5k races only give cotton t-shirts. For this coming race I will be sporting race number 244. On a side note about the Run With Nature, last year I took part in the Run with Wild obstacle course finishing 4th place overall in the Men’s Race. So I am hoping that this run will give me a little success when it comes to overall placement. 
While at home I had to complete some work, and I decided to break up the work on the computer by throwing in a little ab workout in the garage. There was no garage group workout, but still I found a way to throw in some abs. Tonight’s ab workout was pretty simple, I used resistance bands to do some standing ab work, a number of crunches and some single combative rope drills to get the abs fired up a little bit. Nothing too complicated but good enough to get the core engaged and working a little bit before calling it a night. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog to see what race number I will be sporting for the Sunday run, and as I breakdown the route for both Saturday and Sunday. Like always make sure you visit my sponsor’s website at for faith driven active wear. GODSOME! is also a one for one company.

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