going combative …

Today was a pretty simple workout day in regards to time on the trainer. However the workout at night was the bigger challenge when typically I try to make that just a strength workout since I got my cardio in during the day. For today it was opposite due to some of the new workout routines that the garage workout group is formulating. I will discuss more about the new drills that we are incorporating into the workouts a bit later in the blog. 
As I mentioned the morning part of my workout day, was simple. I spent 70 minutes on the bike, nothing too crazy. The goal was to just peddle comfortably. Comfortable enough to get a good sweat going and the legs and body really warming up. While on the trainer, I was reading my latest issue of Running Times magazine. On the cover were the words “RACE FIT YEAR ROUND”. Those really caught my eye while I was on the trainer, so I flipped through the magazine to find that article. The article was titled “Always Race Ready” by Joe Rubio. In this article there were some good points about training year round, and how races give us a good gauge of where we are in our training … for whatever we are training for. There is a workout plan that outlines having a 5k or 10k race every 2 weeks in there … this time of year for me it is almost every weekend, as I replace my tempo runs for races. Perhaps the one thing out of this article that really had me thinking was when Joe Rubio wrote “racing is a skill, and to be proficient at any skill, you need to practice it repeatedly to show improvement.” This is so true, like anything else there are a lot of things to learn when it comes to racing in races from 5k to full marathons and everything else. Every time I get to a start line my approach is different, each part is different, consistently changing from previous races … I am basically in search of trying to put together my best moments all into one race, and I know that won’t happen in 2 races or 15 races. It takes time to develop that skill to run amongst other runners. I think a perfect example is running with a pacer, even pacers run various races … I mean the end times might be the same, but the way to get to finish might be a little different. For those of you that tend to slap in as many races in a calendar year, I suggest taking a look at this recent Running Times magazine. It is worth the read and maybe you walk away with knowing a little more about how to approach certain races and most importantly training. 
Normally I would have put in about two hours on the trainer mid week, however there are a couple of things that do come into play when it comes to training and cross training. This weekend I am running two races. A 5k race in Folsom on Saturday, and a Half Marathon in Lodi on Sunday. So when I hit the 70 minute mark on the trainer, I knew that would be good for today. To me it was good enough because I still had another workout on the calendar and that was the Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning workout, an added 55 minutes to my cardio, was going to get my heart rate up and keep me sweating. Also with this workout were the dynamic movements with all sorts of single and double legs jumps working on the explosive movements which could help me especially when I need a little extra boost to get me back on pace. 
So as I mentioned in the start of the blog, the night workout plan is usually my easiest workout of the day. Tonight was a little different because after doing some research online and seeing a couple of top level athletes doing some drills with ropes, I thought its worth the try. I spent a couple of weeks searching online for some combative fitness ropes. I found a couple of websites that specialized in Cross Fit type of equipment, but most of these websites wanted nearly $40-80 for their fitness ropes. I decided in the morning to take a little break from doing some work and visit a local hardware store just to see if they had rope for sale. The rope I was specifically looking for was 1.5 inch poly rope. I found some for much cheaper at the hardware store. It was only $1.06 per foot, while online with the fitness stores it came out to nearly $5 per foot. The only thing I had to do to the rope from the hardware store was duct tape the ends to create handles. 
Now for the actual workout with these ropes, we had two people with one end of each rope. While holding one end of each ten foot rope in each hand we made a waving motion up and down. The drills we did were 2 minutes long for 3 sets. And after 20 seconds your arms really started to feel them. To get a better sense of what combative rope drills are, just google it or do a search on YouTube. For the remainder of the workout we did some exercises that isolated the chest and back, nothing to fancy with these muscles groups. However I am really excited about the rope drills we will start to use pretty frequently. 

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