mile after mile after mile … 1600s

One of those exciting interval speed days was today. It is always good to see how much I have improved or just how my body feels in certain runs. For me there is no better way to check that than running some 1600 meter intervals. The road workout today started off with a 10 minute warmup run like always. After the warmup I ran three 1600 meter runs with a one minute rest jog interval between each one. Though not blistering fast my 1600 meter times for today were 6:25, 6:17 and 6:42. After the intervals was another 10 minute run to get me back to my starting point at home. One thing with workouts and races that always amuses me is that for example this past weekend I ran a 6:35 pace in the 10k race but in a workout sometimes it is a struggle to get a 6:40 pace. I guess that is the joy of running where anything can change on any given day. 

After completing the road workout I got right in my home gym and popped the Insanity Max Plyo Interval DVD in and continued the monthly calendar of workouts. The jumping from single legs and off of both feet are always a fun way to build strength in the hip flexors , hamstrings, quads and calves. I have noticed by doing these dynamic movements my range of motion has increased. 

50 minutes later I was ready for my cool down and that was done by jumping on the trainer for 20 minutes at a relaxed and easy tempo. After the the trainer there was one more thing that I needed… That one thing was spending sometime on my Trigger Point Roller. The roller is an awesome tool to prevent my legs from being sore and seems to help with blood flow as a way to help with recovery after my workouts. 

To end the day the Garage Group Workout continued tonight. Rather than going to the normal P90X workouts we pulled out an old set of Muscle & Fitness DVDs and followed their workouts. Tonights workouts we threw into the DVD player were the ARMS workout followed by the ABS workout DVD. One thing that was noticed right away was that even though we were working similar muscle groups as before the new exercises seemed to have shocked the muscle groups and we will probably see more results. I think my changing a routine it prevents the body from “going through the motions”. It keeps us excited and refocused on the new exercises while working out the same muscle groups. 

Stay up to date with all the workouts and events leading into this weekends double race. Follow me on twitter @chrismalenab .

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