another week … another race coming …

This is going to be a fun filled week with all the continued training and cross training as the SF Marathon starts to get closer and closer. Along with this week in training there are going to be a couple of runs this weekend that I will be partaking in. The first will be this Saturday in Folsom, CA. for the Run with Nature 5k. Then on Sunday I will be running the Avenue of Vines Half Marathon in Lodi, CA. Yes it might be crazy to think of running 2 races in a weekend. However this weekend I am scheduled for an 18 mile long run, so I decided to run a little shorter distance in the combined 2 days, but knowing me with them being races I will push the speed a little harder than I would a training run, so a shorter total mileage I am okay with. Let’s all be honest, even you would rather run a race than train … right? or maybe it is just me … anyways as the week winds down I will break down each of the 2 upcoming races for this weekend.
For today it was was another cross training day starting off with the bike and then eventually ending with the bike. I rode for a steady 90 minutes to start off the morning. Nothing crazy I just went for time for the first session on the trainer. Enough to just get a good sweat going. Even though I am able to log in some good minutes onto the trainer I am really missing my chances to get into the pool and do some training with a full swim. I know I have mentioned doing the kicking thing only, but that just is not the same. I am hoping to get some pool work in even if it resorting to kick board only, at least it is something to get my hamstrings and ankles working a different way than what the bike and running can do for them. I mentioned the words “first session on the trainer” because I did do a second ride on the trainer after doing some plyometric work. The second time on the trainer was a much shorter ride, 30 minutes to be exact. However, during the second time on I pushed the peddle a little harder for about 15 of those minutes and then used the other 15 to cool down. So today, there was a good amount of time on the trainer to get some cardio in. The grand total for trainer time today was 120 minutes in case you lost track between the 2 sessions ….
Between the 2 rides on the trainer I continued with the Insanity planned workout. With two weeks remaining on the calendar I jumped on with the Max Interval Circuit. The 55 minute workout of jumping, lunging and squats was a good solid workout attacking the hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, and calfs. These workouts are a challenge and to be honest are really fun even if you have done the workouts a number of times, it still pushes you to try to do more sets each time the DVD starts. I really recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a workout or some sort of plyometric workout to supplement their running or cross training routine.
That is all for today folks… no garage group workouts tonight for the strength work… I hope you continue to stay motivated and keep working out or just staying active. Keep up with the rest of this blog and see what goes into this week of training. Remember check out my active wear sponsor if your looking for some great gear to workout in or lounge in. Also remember when you purchase an item, another item is donated to a child in need. For more information on GODSOME! Faith Driven Active Wear please check out their website at

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