back to work (ing out) …

Yes yesterday was a race, but in the end yesterday was just a training run in the form of a race. This week is another pretty busy week with training and a couple races next weekend to replace my training runs. Sunday is typically a cross training day and so I kept with the routine and did that just today. Nothing too crazy or extremely long of a workout, just enough to get the legs going and some strength work in the form of the Insanity program.
The time on the trainer today was a shorter ride, compared to what I have been putting in on recent cross training days. Recently I have been putting anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours in. Today I logged in 60 minutes with a very smooth pace, just peddling and letting my legs move without burning them out. Even though the race yesterday was 6 miles and I have logged in longer miles, I raced a fairly quick time and did but some work in on my legs when I PR’d yesterday with the 6:35 per mile pace.
After yesterday’s race I skipped the Insanity workout, but made it up today. Yesterday’s workout on the calendar was the Core Cardio & Balance workout. A 38 minute workout, that allowed me to get some core work in and really isolate my hip flexors and legs with some slower moving exercises along with a couple of jumping movements as well. There are now only 2 weeks left for the Insanity program, and I am up in the air on which program to get my plyometric workouts through. I have some time to figure this out and I will start to see how I can get additional workouts if I opt to not continue with another 2 months of Insanity. I might take a few weeks away from Insanity, vary my plyo work and then start it up again at some point after a couple of weeks away from it.
This week has some good workouts lined up along with a couple of runs next weekend. Next Saturday is the Run with Nature 5k followed with the Avenue of Vines Half Marathon in Lodi, CA. the following day. Stay tuned as these back to back run dates near.

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