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The weather this morning was awesome out and perfect for a little 10k action in Lodi, CA. My legs were feeling good when I woke up and I felt like I was going to run a good race today. In the end each race isn’t about beating someone else it is about performing at my personal best. I mean it is nice to place and walk home with some hardware, but if running were only about beating others in a race why would we be so obsessed with PRs. Sometimes our PRs that we set are not good enough to place but we still are proud of the run or time on that day. Now sometimes are PRs are good enough to place… That happened today!
The field today at the Run For The Health of it 10k was pretty slim, this was also true for the 5k. However one of the areas top runners Rich Hanna was out on the course running the 5k, which he took first in. A couple good runners for the 5k that pushed the tempo early but otherwise for me the 10k was about keeping a pace and pushing the tempo myself until about mile 3 when I realized I was in the top group. There was only 1 person in front of me who made the 10k turn. So now I was set on not only running a good race but finishing in the top group. 
The course in Lodi was very very flat. A few turns but for the most part pretty much straight. The downside to the route really didn’t have to do with the course but the management of the various races/ events all going at the same time. The gun started us about 5 minutes past 9:00 am and when I mean us let’s include the 5k timed runners, 5k walkers, 5k untimed runners, 1 mile kids runners, and 10k timed runners. Now that is a lot of people to start at the same time even when the field is small. The worst part of it is that when we looped around after the 3 mile mark we would be running in behind the 5k walkers and joggers. This congestion caused for some weaving in and out of the groups. This is the only complaint I had of the race. Otherwise everything else was pretty good and good for a PR today. 
Enough about the course and back to the race… So after the mile 3 turn I realized that I could only see 1 person make the turn, at mile 3 I knew that many of the runners in front of me had turned to the 5k finish so this was going to be a good run for a PR and placing. Right after the 10k turn to start the loop again my dad was camera ready and confirming that I was second overall for the 10k. I cleared the 3 mile mark around 19:30, so I knew if I just paced myself trough the next 2 miles I could really push the run at mile 5 to the finish. I was keeping up with the runner in front of me as he was about 100 yards or so in front. At this point on the course it was were I saw my wife nearing the finish with the 5k. Towards the mile 5 mark, the first place runner and I were side by side, he had a little more in him to finish stronger and eventually beat me by about 20 yards. But for me it was at this point getting a sub 40:59. 40:59 was my previous best. I had set a 10k PR last Thanksgiving at the Sacramento Food Bank and Services Run To Feed The Hungry. So pushing the tempo I was set to PR especially since I knew my legs were in me to get there. So with about 400 meters to go I made a final surge and crossed the finish line. 
My official time today was 40:51 a per mile pace of 6:35. This finish was good enough for 2nd overall and 1st in the men’s 30-39 age division. The prize for this race wasn’t too great, I guess I would have preferred a plaque, medal, or shirt. But they gave us a ribbon and insulated bag. I think I will use the bag at some point. Nonetheless a good race out there with my time, being out there with my wife, my parents cheering us on, and just a good day overall. 
Thank you GODSOME! for my active wear to wear Pre and Post Race. 

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