another long one … 20 miles long …

Today I got a little later start than I was hoping to hit the road. By the time I got out onto the street the temperature was already around 67 degrees here in Sacramento. For me it seemed a bit warmer than that, I think it is because the sun was out and also keeping me warm. Still it wasn’t too bad of a day to get a nice long run in before this weekends race. Surprisingly there were plenty of people out and about on the streets today running and riding their bike, maybe it was people exercising in the morning to allow for Cinco De Mayo celebrations this evening. Anyways it was 20 miles today on the schedule, I felt pretty good through the entire run. I think running with a water bottle filled with GU Brew and a couple of Hammer Nutrition Gel Packs in my running belt are truly helping me have the energy I need to finish my runs. With the temperatures a little warmer today, I had to refill the water bottle a couple of times at drinking fountains along the route today.
The 20 miles today, was done at a pretty comfortable pace, nothing too crazy allowing me to just get the miles in since there is still a number of weeks before the July SF Marathon. I completed the 20 miles in 2 hours ad 40 minutes, which breaks down to a 8 minute per mile pace. The route today covered various parts around town, starting from my neighborhood, then making my way to CSU Sacramento, from there I continued to the American River Parkway area, eventually looping back around my neighborhood to complete the 20 miles. There is one very interesting moment during my run that kind of caught me off guard. While at the entrance of CSU Sacramento on the J Street side of campus, I was at the intersection waiting to cross the street, I looked over and saw an all white bike chained to the light post. The white bike symbolizes that a person was killed at that intersection by a motorist. It kind of gave me chills even though I did not know the person. The white bikes around Sacramento have been popping up every so often to set a memorial and inform people that a cyclist was killed at that point in the city by a motorist. 
Post run today, I drank some of the GU Brew Recovery drink (Strawberry Watermelon Flavor). This is something I purchased about a week ago and have used after some of my more rigorous workouts, runs and races. Anything that can help with the recovery post training or race, I am willing to try especially something that will help replenish my muscles and rehydrate me. 
After the 20 miles on the road today, I skipped the Insanity workout … the reason why … once again, like last week, I just ran some major miles, and it probably wouldn’t be too good for an idea if I jumped into some plyometric workouts. However at night the strength workout continued with the garage group workout. The workout for tonight was the P90X Shoulders and Arms workout. After the strength work, we decided to continue with the Ab Ripper X … the reason being we hate it up be love it!!! for those of you who have done Ab Ripper X know what I am referencing with that previous line. 
To allow for a good recovery tonight, I used my Trigger Point roller and used The Stick to roll out spots in my IT Band, quads, hamstrings, calves and hip flexors. It felt good working out some of the tight spots in my legs and am hoping it will give me good nights recovery with the added sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be a lighter workout day with the 10k race replacing the 7 mile tempo run for the week. 

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