a simple day …

A very simple day for work outs today. There was no cross training on the bike or hitting the streets for a run. The only thing on my workout plate today was to continue the Insanity schedule. For today it was the Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs. Nothing too intense, but good enough to get the legs moving a little bit, the heart rate up and the body sweating it up. The workout today took a little over one hour to complete the 2 workout routines. 
The reason for a lighter training day today without the trainer or running the streets is because of my next 10k race which is tomorrow morning at 9:00 am in Lodi, Ca. The Lodi run is titled “Run for the Health of it” with proceeds going to the Lodi Memorial Hospital. There is also a pretty big race tomorrow for a 5k in Sacramento. I assume that most people in the Sacramento area will be partaking in the Race for the Cure around the Cal Expo area tomorrow morning, which starts at 7:50 am. Typically tens of thousands of people attend this event which has proceeds going to the Susan Komen Foundation. 
I am excited for many reasons for the 10k tomorrow. The first is because my wife will be joining me on the course, she will be running the 5k portion of it. The 10k race just loops the 5k course twice, so at some point we will be around each other on the loop. Also my folks will be joining us on the trip to Lodi tomorrow morning to enjoy the great weather and environment. Also I am feeling pretty good with my legs and think tomorrow could be a day where I post a pretty good time and hopefully take home some more hardware to continue with the results of the previous 2 races. 
If you want immediate results remember you can follow me on twitter (@chrismalenab) for frequent updates, running links and other sports information. Thank you GODSOME! for providing me with my active wear that I will be warming up in prior to the race and wearing post race at the finish line. To view the GODSOME! apparel line view their website at http://www.godsome.org 

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