easy does it …

Today is a scheduled cross training day, and a pretty simple workout day. With the long run tomorrow, I didn’t want to work so hard, I had nothing for my training Thursday morning. Even on a lighter workout day, I felt it was very productive and I was able to get a lot done and learn a little more about what is out there beyond the routines / information I know. I’ll explain more about the minimalist thing later in the blog.
As for the actual workout today, there were only 2 parts. The first part was 70 minutes on the trainer, peddling nice and easy. The goal for today was just to log the minutes in without beating up my legs. Going into my long runs, which is my most important workout of the week, it is crucial that I limit the impact my legs take in the day before. So as far as a tempo or pace is concerned, I really didn’t do a cadence check at any point during my ride on the trainer today. And this is okay, because again, the cross training today was about just keeping the heart and legs working for 70 minutes and to allow the body to sweat a bit while on the trainer. This also gave me time to flip through the recent issue of Running Times magazine which I mentioned yesterday.
After the 70 minutes on the bike, I went straight into the Insanity planned workout for today. The workout on the calendar called for the Max Interval Plyo workout. Some pretty good jumping exercises which really push the hamstrings and quads today. With the long run tomorrow, I eased a bit even on the Insanity workout and limited the number of reps as to save most of my energy for tomorrow. 
Now as far as the content of the Running Times article that caught my eye yesterday when I pulled the magazine out of the mail box. The cover read “Minimalist Goes Mainstream”, of course this is something that would draw me to reading that article first. As many of you know I run in Vibrams, and perhaps I was pretty lucky when I jumped into running with them. The article talks about it taking a number of months to become familiar to them and slowly progressing into them as to avoid any major injuries. When I got my first pair of Vibram Five Fingers, I threw my running shoes out the door, and welcomed my sprint model VFFs. Also in the magazine was a break down of new shoes that have a smaller heel to toe decline, and also some history of barefoot running or minimalist running. I recommend picking this issue up if you are intending on transferring to minimalist running. There is some good information to back up the science and reasons for doing so, also it gives some very good words of advice in regards to taking the right steps to avoid injuries.

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