speeding away …

Speed days are days I look forward to. I am not sure what it is about these workouts, but I love the fact that they seem to fly by. I mean don’t get me wrong the long runs are great and amazing to be able to push out 12-20+ miles in a given run, but there is definitely something about going all out on a run, where my lungs and legs are really hit that point of fatigue and legs left heavy at the end. Today’s start was on the street with a 10 minute warm-up run, as usual the warm-up run covers a little more than 2,000 meters. Nice and easy, getting the legs and rest of the body ready for what is to come. The main portion of the workout today was a total of five 1,000 meter runs with a 400 meter jog rest interval between each of the harder runs. The 1,000 meter runs today ranged in times from 3:40 to four minutes. A pretty good pace and pretty exhausting by the time the fifth 1,000 meter ran came. To close of the street workout, I ended with a 10 minute run / jog to bring me back to my house, where I continued my morning workout. Overall the times were decent on the runs today, however my legs felt a little heavy. 2 days after hitting some good climbs in Fair Oaks, my legs were still a bit fatigued, this is normal for me. Usually I feel the workouts 2 days after the race or workout, when I am pushing at something new or different for a workout.
The continuation of the morning workout today was the Insanity Max Interval Circuit. Today, I did something a little different with the Insanity workout, rather than starting from the beginning with their warm-up which is actually a full one workout in the second month of the program, I skipped right to the main portion of the workout, this cut the total time of the DVD and also allowed me to have the legs under me to work on the actual workout rather than having to push through the warm-up and drag through the main workout. After the Interval workout, I then continued with a longer cool down than the video guided me through, and jumped right onto the trainer and peddled at a very easy pace for 20 minutes. 
In the mail today, I got the recent issue of “Running Times” magazine. Though I did not have enough time to actually open the magazine, there was something on the cover that caught my interest, which I will be spending some time reading tomorrow and the days to come. On the cover the magazine were the words “Minimal Goes Mainstream”, I knew it was a matter of time before things started to shift. Wether you agree with the concept of minimalist running or not, you do have to agree that it has brought some good conversation pieces and has contributed to people looking more and more into the science of running … and that isn’t a bad thing! More thoughts on this topic will come in a later blog when I have time to read my copy of “Running Times”.
To close of the night, the Garage Group workout continued. Tonight was the P90X Chest & Back workout. Really getting the upper body in tune with all of the workouts is becoming really enjoyable, I just wish that I could challenge the upper body a little more, without worrying about injuring my shoulder more than it is at the moment. Hopefully soon, I will be cleared to return back to all of my workouts to their full capacity … especially my swimming! I am really missing out on those workouts.

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