onto the next …

After a pretty good race yesterday in the Fair Oak Sun Run, I kept with my word and kept on track with my training routine. Everything I work for here on out is for the SF Marathon, each race just happens to be part of the training. Even with that being said I am still pretty happy with some of my results. Brining home some hardware in the last two races is not a bad thing at all and it also has me pushing the tempo since I have been doing the tempo runs on the weekends and doing my long runs on the weekdays, so in the end it all workouts.
For today it was a longer cross training day, with tow hours on the trainer peddling for a pretty good pace, but still nothing too crazy since my workout (race) yesterday hit the hills pretty hard my quads were a bit on the heavy side. While on the trainer to prevent me from going too hard, and to kill some time, because 2 hours is a pretty long time to do anything in the same spot, I read and went through a couple of magazines that I just picked up over the weekend.
At a local magazine store in downtown Sacramento, I came across the newest issue of “Triathlete” magazine and a magazine I have never seen before titled “marathon & beyond”. A couple of articles in the magazines really caught my eye and got my interest going again in cross training even more and really focus on getting into a sprint triathalon in 2012. One article in the the “Triathlete” magazine that I paid attention to was the FIRST TRIATHALON TRAINING program they suggested, I think I will use the swimming workouts for my cross training workouts. The other article that I spent some time reading into was an article about cross training and how to approach cross training in the “marathon & beyond” magazine. I will try to find some links to these articles and tweet them if I find them online to share with you (yes that is a plug to have you follow me on twitter). 
After the two hours on the bike and going through a couple of magazines I threw today’s Insanity workout into the DVD player. Today’s workout was Max Cardio Conditioning. A good way to keep the legs working especially after a long ride, to get the fast twitch muscles engaged in the workout. This is a pretty intense plyometric workout that can have the legs yelling stop. For me I just ease on some of the jumping when needed or take breaks when my legs feel tired.
There is another 10k that I am running in this weekend in Lodi, so today I went and picked up the race packet. The race this weekend is the Run for the Health of It, which is a 5k and 10k timed run. The 10k race is a the 5k loop ran twice, which I don’t mind especially in a new course like this race, which will allow me to know when I can pick up the pace the second time around. This will be a little different since I imagine that many of the usual faces I see around the Sacramento races will not be making the trip to Lodi for this race. For this weekend I will be joined by my lovely wife who will be running the 5k. One race this past weekend and it is onto the next, and the week after that it is onto another. For this race I will be wearing the number 1001.
I am also excited to be able to share some of the new GODSOME! gear with you hopefully by the end of this week. So check back with the blog during the week to hopefully see some of the new stuff that will be coming my way.

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