the hills have climbs … Fair Oaks Sun Run

fair oaks sun run 2011
Wow … if you want the 5 miles of challenge in the Sacramento area run the Fair Oaks Sun Run. Today hundreds of runners took on one of the toughest courses I have ever faced. Now the Apple Hill Run in November is pretty challenging, but this one is pretty interesting when you break down the short distance and the sudden up hill battles with only a few downhills to help. Also for me the gravel trails were a bit tough to travel over with the Vibram Five Fingers (Spring models). Anyways today was an awesome day to hit the race for a good challenging course as the weather was good running weather and even border line warm at times. 
Besides the fact that there was a car show going on one block over from the race, the course was set up well, easy to get to …. kind of after weaving through the car show in my ride … which by the way probably isn’t the car you would expect to see driving through a classic car show ( I drive a Toyota Prius). There was plenty of room to run through the course even on the trail portion of the run. The start was smooth, it started pretty close to the planned start … maybe around 5 minute past the 8:30 am listed start time. At the start and through the course, there was a whole lot of orange jerseys running through (Team Fleet Feet, was clearly represented at this run). After the start, the course hit a number of downhills allowing for some quick first mile times, I pushed the first time in about 6:08, mile 2 at about a 6:30 time. Then came the rest of the work as we hit some of the other hills, trail, and the final mile was pretty intense, still it was all worth it. At the end of the race I was able to finish at a time of 36:54 for the 5 mile course, not bad considering that I really do not train hills. Today was proof that I do need to hit the hills a little harder in training to help build my legs, especially going into the SF Marathon. Overall I finished 51st and 3rd in the men’s 30-34 age division, walking away with a medal. That is 2 straight races that I have picked up some hardware. I am pretty happy with the results, but would like to have been able to run a little bit faster at different times during the race.
So what is next on the list is another 10k race next week which pushes a long run around thursday this week and speed work on Tuesday. There will be some good cross training time logged in along with the continued Insanity workouts and strength workouts during the week. I need to give a big thank you to my active wear sponsor GODSOME! ( for their on going support and support in the future. Please visit their website for further information about the ONE FOR ONE company and who you support every time you purchase their apparel.
For update to running results if you want follow me on Twitter (@chrismalenab). Various article links and running post are tweeted daily. 

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