another pre race day …

Well what do you know it is another day before another race. Tomorrow at 8:30 am I will be running in the Fair Oaks Sun Run, a 5 mile race through Old Fair Oaks and along the American River. This is a pretty challenging course with a bit of a climb to it. It is my first Fair Oaks Sun Run, so I am excited to actually get out there and see what the course is all about. There is about 1,000 participants for this event. There should be some very good runners out there who will be posting some solid times, I hope to just make it a good run for myself while picking up a couple points for the Buzz Oates Run Sac Race Series. 
When I got up this morning my intention was to do the scheduled Insanity workout this morning. Today is a off day for running. My legs felt a little tired so I decided to change up the workout to the workout that was originally scheduled for Thursday. Thursday’s workout plan was the Max Recovery workout. This workout is a 47 minute workout of long isolated movements. This was good enough to get the body working on flexibility, while giving the cardio a day off. In the end I think this will be a good move to allow me to have a good run tomorrow. 
Today was the check in day for the Fair Oaks Fun Run, my dad did me a huge favor and picked up my race number and t-shirt for me. There is something about getting my race stuff the day before than that morning. For me I think it is a routine of pinning the bib number on my racing top before hand and being ready to just race, rather than waiting in line to check in and struggling to put the number on and hurrying around that morning of a race. 
In a previous blog I mentioned that my races will be part of my training rather than something that I am working up for. This is still true. By shuffling my long run to Thursday and running in the 5 mile race tomorrow, it all works out perfectly. My scheduled run for this past Thursday was a 5 mile tempo run. So what better way to get a tempo run in than in a race! The tempo for tomorrow would be to … push the tempo! By doing this it also allows me to run different routes that I would normally otherwise not be able to. This is also good for training allowing me to venture into various running routes around the Sacramento area.
So for those of you that will be out around the course tomorrow running, I wish you luck and those supporting … thank you for being out there. I will be sporting the race number 256 tomorrow. For those that ran in the Parkway Half Marathon and the Parkway 5k today, I hope you did well and enjoyed the weather out there today. I wish I could have joined all of you for a great run.

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