day after long …

It was another cross training day. While many might think, 17 miles yesterday, shouldn’t today be a day off … well actually for me I like the workout the day after a long run, and take a day off or go easier 2 days after the long run. Typically my off days are the day before the long run, but that might change as well, based on how I am feeling during the week. Today my body was feeling great today and ready to take on another day on the trainer followed by the scheduled Insanity workout for today.

I started off with 70 minutes on the trainer, the tempo was fairly easy peddling around an 80-85 RPMs. Nothing too crazy, but it was good enough to get the heart rate up, the body temperature raised, a good sweat started, and the legs working. After completing the trainer workout, it was time to throw the Insanity Max Interval Circuit DVD in and get to the jumping, squats, lunges. Now this is where my legs felt the long run from yesterday. The quads were feeling a little on the tired side as the reps started to increase of the jumping and squating movements. This is perhaps one of the things I like about the Insanity program and P90X programs is that, it is a do what you can push yourself to what you can do that day type of workout rather than you have to do so many reps etc. In fact for those of you that have done these workouts know, that they encourage the user to take breaks when needed.

This was all as far as workouts are concerned. I know it seems weird to only have a cardio / cross training block in my blog especially after seeing the previous 3 blog post from Tuesday through Thursday where the workout descriptions were lengthy and multiple workout moments in them. One thing I have been doing is spending more time reading and looking into more running information to continue my own personal development in the sport as well as to share helpful information to all of you that happen to stumble across my blog or visit my blog regularly. 

I got my June issue of Runner’s World in the mail yesterday, so it was a good day to take time to flip through the pages and take a look at articles that were of interest. Usually it takes a couple of days for me to really get through an issue, but right off the cover, I was able to find some articles that were of interest to me. The 2 articles that I found really helpful in this issue were “Run or Rest?”, and “Running Debate: Perfect Form”. Both of these write up directly addressed some issues that I face or have faced regarding making improvements into running. 

For the perfect form article, for me it is simple, and perhaps too simple to explain to many of the runners I chat with regularly. My form changed because I jumped right into Vibram Five Fingers (Sprint Model), I didn’t do much to change it except change what was on my feet. The heel striking stopped because it hurt to land on my heels. The second article I mentioned about the “run or rest” is something that I consistently battle with, but I think I have done a better job with that since changing to the 3+2 module. If you get a chance I recommend you grab this latest issue of Runner’s World as there are a couple of good write ups worth reading. I know various articles have helped me to build up to having some awesome runs and training days.

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