a lot more training … and 8 things you’re doing wrong!

Another cross training day came and left today. Lots of working out today just like everyday leading into today, I really am liking combining workouts and pushing myself in various ways that my body allows. One thing I have noticed is the consuming calories while working out has really helped me get through my workouts with the use of gel packs and jelly chews. But while I was on the trainer all I could hope for was for 9:00 PST to come around because that is when Marathon Opening Day started online. The day that all those people who purchase a lottery number in hopes of running in the NYC Marathon in November. I will discuss more about that later.
The workouts today, were pretty good lots of various movements after the body was warmed up. To get the cardio in I started off on the trainer and peddles for 1 hour and 45 minutes. After the trainer I popped the Insanity dvd right in and started the 50 minute Max Cardio Conditioning routine. The Max Cardio is very much a plyometric workout as it is a cardio workout. This might be my favorite workout routine to date when it comes to the Insanity workouts. Lots of jumping, squat like movements, and shuffling of the feet. 
After the morning cardio workouts, it was time to fire up the computer and log onto the New York Road Runners website and watch the live telecast from New York City. It seems like it would be a lot of fun to be out in that crowd to see your name scroll onto the screen as they announce the lottery group winners. Unfortunately for me my name and lottery number were not part of the group that scrolled on the right hand side of the website. However the excitement was fun while it lasted hoping that the next name to rise into the panel was mine. Oh well, there is always next year, and I can also try to automatically get in with a half marathon time of 1:25:00. I think that might happen at some point this year, my legs are feeling good and we shall see what it all brings at the end of the year.
While surfing around the world wide web looking around on twitter, I came across a pretty interesting blog link. The write up is from Forbes, which deals with “8 things you do wrong”. The first 7 items you might or might not relate to, but #8 I could definitely relate with. Check it out here is the link: http://blogs.forbes.com/frederickallen/2011/04/19/eight-basic-things-you-do-all-wrong/  . You may have to cut and paste the address into your web browser to bring up the post. It is good for some information and a laugh.
To close off the night, the garage workout group continued. For tonight we did the P90X Shoulders and Arms workout routine. This has been crucial with the rehab process of building strength back into my shoulder. I really want to get back into the pool and get swimming again, I am hoping that this slight shoulder pain is something I can continue to workout through and it doesn’t lead to my shoulder popping out. Perhaps it is time for even a kick board workout in the water sometime in the next couple of days.

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