working it down …

The weather is starting to look like spring here in Sacramento. Cool mornings with the sun breaking through and warming me up during my run. A little breeze today, but what is a day in Sacramento without the attack of the allergies! Tuesday is a speed day, as many of you know. However, with all of the other cross training that I am doing, speed days have never been so crazy and exciting. There is definitely a thrill I am getting out of pushing myself to it’s limits. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we don’t let our fatigue stop us. Working through the speed training, the peddling on the trainer, the plymetric workout, and the strength workout is so fun for me. 
Before any of the “other” stuff started, I always make sure that my running comes in first. That is my priority, the running is what I am focusing in on and that is why, I want to be fresh for those workouts and make that my first even or exercise of the day if at all possible. Today’s speed workout was a fun one. As the legs started to get moving, the distances cut down and it was all about going all out and hard for the 5 various distances. Starting with a 10 minute warm-up, I knew today the warm-up had to be a little bit faster and more up beat, the speed runs today where a bit more on the fast and quicker side, so it was important to get the body warmed up before attacking the 5 runs. The 5 runs went from long to short, so the ability to remember the workout was pretty simple, no need to write the workout on my arm which I normally do if there are various distances and a high number of runs involved. After the warmup the first run was a 1200 meter run, followed by a 1000 meter, then an 800 meter, a 600 meter, and finally a 400 meter run. Each of the distances had a 200 meter rest interval between. All of these runs were performed on on the streets around my neighborhood, so the use of a Garmin was definitely useful today. At the end of the various distances I completed the street run with a 10 minute jog back to my house.
Once I got back home, I jumped right onto the bike. Today, I peddled for 75 minutes. The peddle today was an easy ride, just keeping the legs moving and keeping the sweat continuing from my speed workout. The goal on days like today when I jump on the trainer, is to just give my body the chance to become familiar to workout for a long amount of time without putting the impact on my legs. I have felt the longer rides start to help with my hamstring strength, which will hopefully translate to stronger legs during the hills of the SF Marathon. 
After the 75 minutes on the trainer, it was time to continue to follow the Insanity calendar. Today the scheduled workout was the Insanity Max Interval Plyo. Since it has been sometime since I went through the program, I forgot how hard this workout attacks the legs … I didn’t realize how many different exercises utilize the squat stance in this workout routine. By the end of the 55 minute routine my hamstrings and quads were screaming from the workout.
To close off the night, the garage gym was in full effect again after a couple days off. Tonight we went through the P90X Chest & Back routine and also completed the Ab Ripper X workout. Targeting every muscle group is going to be important going into the SF Marathon, because not only did my legs and core start to fade away when I got anxious and sick at mile 17 last year, but my upper body started to fade. Now there could be a lot of reasons for that, but even with the limited range of motion due to my shoulder injury, I want to make sure I am doing the proper things to help regain the shoulder strength but also leave no stone unturned when it comes to being ready for the SF Marathon. 

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