month 2 ….

The travel back home today took a little toll on my body. Travel days are a bit rough and seem taxing on me, especially 6 hour drives. Luckily for me today was a cross training day. Rather than forcing training that would effect my runs tomorrow, I decided to consider my Insanity workout as my cross training workout for the day. I am going to hold off jumping on the bike for another day. 
While making the drive home today, I was listening to one of my regular in the car sports talk shows. On the Jim Rome show was Tony Horton. For those of you that do not know who Tony Horton is, he is the creator of P90X. So for me it was pretty interesting to hear what he had to say about staying fit, and working out on his own. He mainly focused on the diet side of things during his chat with Jim Rome today, one of the things that really stood out was the rule he lives by. He mentioned living by the 90-10 rule. This means that the 3 main meals of the day are as healthy as can be and his snacks are the other 10% and those are the “cheat” foods. Another thing that stood out was how he mentioned the words “you are who you hang with”, this is so true, because those around you can influence what you do to workout, and what you consume as far meals etc. Luckily for me one of my best friends who I see 3-4 times a week enjoys working out and we do strength workouts on weeknights. Also those around me eat pretty healthy, in that none of those who I see regularly NEED to have their double bacon burgers etc. 
The one thing I am really excited about as well from the Tony Horton interview is the second part of P90X … he called it MC2, which should be released sometime in the Fall / Winter of this year. So I will probably save up some bucks and see what that workout is all about and purchase it if it seems like it can be beneficial to my workouts.
So to my actual “cross training” for today. It is the start of the Insanity workouts Month 2.  Month 2 kicks the workouts up a notch and each one ranges from 45 – 60 minutes, rather than the 30-40 minute workouts in month 1. Today the scheduled workout was the Insanity Max Interval Circuit. This is a 60 minute workout of cardio movements supplemented with lunges, squats and jumping. A good 60 minute workout to get the legs and cardio kicked up when you don’t have time to hit the streets for a run, the pool for a swim, or just looking for a variation in your cross training day. I am pretty pleased with myself since the only Insanity workout I have missed to this point was a Core Cardio & Balance workout from last Saturday. 
This week, I am actually building into another race … however, this race will not be the main focus of my week. It will be part of my training and milage for this week. Sunday is the Fair Oak Sun Run, which is a 5 mile race through Fair Oaks. This should be a fun run since there are some good rolling hills and some flat moments in the race as well. This race is part of the Buzz Oates Run Sac Race Series. 

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