no bike … no problem …

Happy Easter to all of you blog followers out there. I hope your Easter Sunday and weekend has brought some good times with you and your family. For me I am glad to spend time with my wife for this Easter Weekend. Along with spending time with my wife, this weekend brought me an awesome long run, some cross training and just a good relaxing weekend. 

Typically the day after a long run calls for a cross training workout. If I were at home I would jump on a the bike. With being on the road for a cross training day, I had to go with what was around me. Without a bike or gym, I had to resort to the roads around me. Today was a cross training on the road. Rather than strapping on the Garmin and going for a mileage mark, I went out for a quick run based on time rather than distance. Today was 30 minutes on the road at a very easy pace. The 30 minutes was long enough to have me break a pretty good sweat and get the body moving a little bit. 

My legs worked hard enough yesterday on the 12 mile run and tomorrow when I get back home I will jump on the bike and ride for whatever time allows me during the day. This next week will be a fun week of workouts complete with getting the second half of the Insanity program going. As for the Insanity calendar, I missed my first Insanity workout in over 4 weeks of workouts. Not bad considering I had a lot of other workouts in during that time. The workout I missed was the Core Cardio & Balance, which was the 6th of a succession of 6 of the same workouts in the same week during the recovery week. 

Today is pretty simple and nothing too much to it, so I hope you had a great time with your family during this Holiday weekend. For those traveling, have a safe travel back home and continue to push yourself to your next workouts & races. Only 14 weeks from today until the SF Marathon. 

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