going long … but not too long …

Ventura, CA. Street Sign

It’s the Easter weekend. Like many of you I will be spending it with family. For me it is my new family as I am down in Southern California with my wife and her uncles family for this Easter. Even on the road it is important to try to stick to the plan. I am a believer in that, there is no reason or excuses that someone who really wants something is prevented on getting just because they are on the road. For example completing the SF Marathon, in a much more respectable time and effort this year is what I am gunning for. Last year I ran perhaps my worst Marathon EVER!!! So this time  around I am ready to take it on, take my training and nutrition more seriously. Stop with the reasons, why I didn’t have a good race, and just make the good race happen. 
The schedule today had me for a long run, so my long run today was 12 miles. I have noticed that I have been so focused on times of mile, paces, etc as of late, that I just needed to get a good long run in. So today, I still ran with my Garmin but limited the data field view to “distance”. No times were visible, just distance. All it gave me was how far I was running. I ran faster when my body was feeling good, and slowed down when I needed to. There are a couple things on the run that I did differently that I normally hadn’t done in the past. I ran with gel packs, consumed 1 around mile 8 which gave me enough energy to give a solid final 4 miles. I am doing to also train my body to become familiar to the gel so it isn’t surprised on marathon with this foreign “food”. Also during the run, I had a water bottle off to the side with GU-Brew prepared in it, I went to the bottle about 2 times during the run, which was helpful to keep my body hydrated during the run.
The 12 miles today, is the longest miles that I have put in since the Shamrock’ back in early March. This is due to the fact that I pulled back a little bit to focus on just getting a couple of good 10k races under my belt for the 2011 season. Now that I was able to pull back, I am focused for my next race. 
As for the route today, it is kind of my second home for running when I am down here in Ventura, CA. It is around a community park close to where I am staying. It is about a 1.4 mile loop around soccer fields and a water park. There are a lot of people out and about jogging, walking, running and strolling with their friends, family, and dogs. Along with an easy loop to get around with a couple of rolling moments, was the great weather for today. There is nothing better than starting off the weekend with an awesome run while having some great weather. 
I hope all of you have a good long run this weekend if you have one scheduled. If you are taking the week off, have a Happy Easter for those of you that will be celebrating with your family.

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