it reads OFF

Today is a schedule off day for cross training and running. However, as many of you know that it is hard for me to just do nothing at all. Rather than calling it an off day I like to look at it as a pull back and be more of a limited cardio day. Today, I felt like I did a good job of pulling back compared to what I have been doing the last couple of days. No trainer, no pool, no sort of cardio equipment. 
The workout calendar for Insanity still has me doing the Core Cardio & Balance workout. This is day 5 of the 6 days this week of doing this during the “Recovery Week” of the fitness plan. So in all actuality this is perfect to to have this workout fall today, where it is a true off day. This workout limits me to slow long movements isolating the core and giving my other major muscle groups long dynamic stretches. 
As for the rest of the workouts for this weekend, I will be doing a long run on the road along with trying to balance out some cross training at some point this weekend on Sunday. For all of you making a trip somewhere for the Easter Holiday, I hope all of you have a safe travel. 
Also for those of you feeling like you want to give back during this Easter time, remember my active wear sponsor GODSOME! ( is a “ONE FOR ONE” company. When you buy a t-shirt or any other item, you are also donating to a child in need with a new piece of clothing for them as well. 

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