back in … but just kickin’ it

An awesome cross training day today after the initial run workout! So awesome that at the end of the day the fatigue was all worth the smile knowing I have been making strides in my training even with the different variations and less runs during the week. However, with the amount of training today I know this will probably take a toll on my long run this weekend. No matter the case it is still 14 weeks out and I can do a little bit of extra work because I know it will help me in the 26.2 venture I take on in San Francisco. 
The weather to start off the day was amazing today here in Sacramento. The running plan for today called for a total of 7 miles. The first mile was a nice warm up mile, I ran at about a 7:40 pace to get the legs loose. After the warm-up the actual tempo run started. The middle 5 miles were the tempo miles for today which I logged them in at a 7 minute per mile pace. Then post tempo workout was another 1 easy mile at a 8:00 pace to allow for a cool down.
After the run workout, I thought my body was ready to continue with a little extra cross training to keep the legs working and help with an overall cool down for the body. So I jumped into the pool today! This was the first time in over 3 weeks that I got into the pool. The only down side to the pool workout, was it was not a swim workout, because it was kicking only. It was a short 20 minute kick board workout with flippers. Nonetheless, it was still a workout in the pool. It is something I have been missing because the pool is very refreshing to jump into even though the hip flexors and ankles got a bit of an additional workout, it was still nice to get into the water. I have missed my pool workouts, and cannot wait to get into full swimming workouts and not restricted to kicking only. The positive of kicking only is that I still get to hop into the pool.
To continue with the Insanity workout calendar, I did the Core Cardio & Balance workout. This was a good way to end the workout day, because of the long holds and stretching movements to allow for my body to recover after a great day of working out. Today, I felt like I made some decent strides in my workouts, and hope that this is something that will continue. I know there are days I need to pull back but in the end it is still all worth it because of the fact that pushing myself to my limits is something I really love to do.

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