breaking a workout with a workout

So today was a scheduled cross training day. I decided to start off with the trainer but broke it up today to see if I could get more out of my workout. On cross training days I don’t see anything wrong with mixing it up and seeing what feels good that day. 
I started with 70 minutes on the trainer. Just a consistent pace on the peddling, not over pushing the tempo for this first ride. Yes I said “first ride”.  The ride was good enough to get the legs working and sweat starting to build up. 
After the first 70 minutes I decided to go into the Insanity Core Cardio & Balance. The 37 minute workout was good to break it up and incorporate some of the large muscle group movements. This also allowed me to get a little dynamic stretch movement as my hamstrings started to feel a little fatigued from the bike. 
Now here is the “second” ride. With completing the scheduled Insanity workout for the day, I hopped right back onto the trainer. This time a shorter amount of time, 30 minutes. However, the 30 minutes were at a faster and harder pace. Nothing too extreme but fast enough to have the body working a little bit to keep up to the pace that I wanted to turn it up to. By breaking the training ride up with the Insanity workout in between I felt like I was able to get more out of it with the cardio. 
To end the workout day, my buddy Will and I continued with our garage group workout. We performed the Chest and Shoulders workout by P90X. Another continuing process of trying to keep the overall fitness and general strength up. 
There are going to be some exciting post for workouts and runs these next couple of weeks so keep up with the blogs or follow me on twitter @chrismalenab.

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