speeeeed work ….

It’s been a couple of weeks since really hitting a good speed workout longer than 400 meter intervals. With back to back weekends of 10k races I was limited to 400s over the last couple of weeks for my Tuesday speed days. Today was about pushing the tempo in a fairly short road workout. 
To start the morning road workout, I hit the streets with a 10 minute warmup. After this it was about pushing the tempo for 800 meter intervals, 4 reps to be exact. The goal time for the 800s today were to complete them in 2:52, I was a little off as I ranged from 2:56 to 3:04. Even with not hitting the exact goal mark, I was still pleased with the workout. Between each 800 was a 2 minute rest interval. To finish the run workout was a 10 minute post speed workout run. 
Once I got back into my garage gym after the run, I pushed right through the Insanity calendared workout. As mentioned on previous blogs the Insanity Core Cardio & Balance routine is repeated 6 straight days this week as part of their planned recovery week. This is a good workout to keep each muscle group working without the extreme jumping etc. Since this week is starting the beginning of my true marathon training the combination of the running schedule and Insanity calendar match up perfectly. 
To close off the day, my buddy Will and I continued our Tuesday night strength workouts. For tonight we went through the P90X Back & Biceps routine. The beauty of the P90X is that both he and I can do the same exercises even with different goals for lifting weights. Stay tuned for the up couple of weeks in regards to strength workouts as we have tossed around the idea of possibly mixing in some various daily workouts posted by different groups on their Facebook. It’s amazing the power of the internet as it is allowing us to add variety to our strength workouts without joining and gym or changing the location or equipment we currently are familiar with. 
Keep up with the blog as I begin this journey to my 8th full marathon. 

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