it all starts today …

What a day to start preparing for my next 26.2 miles … The same day as the running of the Boston Marathon. If you missed out on the Boston Marathon results or what happened and how the race went down, I suggest taking a look online and reading or watching what went down today in the East Coast. Both the men’s and women’s races were fantastic to the final mile. While this was all going down, I was in my gym cross training today. While cross training, all I could think was one day I will be running that route . One day I will be more than a marathon runner but I will be a B.Q. and a Boston Finisher!

As I mentioned last week in my blog it is time to step it up and get my legs and body ready for the SF Marathon. Along with the scheduled running and pushing the tempo of those runs, I will be focusing on building my endurance through my cross training. Today, I did just that I rode for two hours on the trainer. The cross training ride today, had my legs working without putting impact on my knees, ankles and hips. Also along with that it was working my hamstrings. By the end of the ride, my hamstrings felt fatigued.

After allowing my body to recover a bit… post trainer. I continued with the Insanity schedule. This is a perfect week to increase my cross training on the bike, since this week is a complete recovery week. The entire week on the Insanity calendar is the exact same workout. The Core Cardio & Balance workout is a 38 minute routine that is a slower moving workout with long isolated movements and exercises. It is a good break from the fast and explosive movements that Insanity is known for in the first 4 weeks of the plan. When the week finishes there are another 4 weeks of Insanity training. The next 4 weeks of the program are longer workouts with more explosive and challenging movements compared to the first 4 weeks.

This week I will also try to get into the pool at least once, but without the complete swim, just kicking. With the increase of cross training, it will be important for me to consume more calories and make sure I stay hydrated monitoring my fluids and sodium to make sure my body holds some fluids in. This will be a fun week that is just one of the following 15 weeks until I hit the streets of San Francisco for a challenging and scenic course.

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