upside down and ready …

Today was a pretty simple day. Technically no workout was schedule however with me following the Insanity workout plan, I did have the Plyometric Cardio Circuit routine today. Even on “off” days I need something to jump start the day. So even with a race tomorrow I enjoy getting a little sweat going and the heart rate up a bit. 
Many of you who follow my blog know that the Plyometric workout is a 40 minute routine. Today I really didn’t go all out like other days, but I pushed hard enough to get the heart rate up without really fatiguing the legs an core too much. 
After the morning workout I decided to hook myself up to my inversion table for a couple of minutes. The table is a great tool for me as I am able to release some of the tension from my back. It’s amazing what gravity can do to the body. If you haven’t experienced using an inversion table I would recommend it as it is a stretch you will never get by standing up right. 
Later in the day I went to Crocker Park in the Downtown Sacramento area to check in for tomorrow’s Capitol City Classic 10k race. I’m pretty excited about the race, it’s in a place I love to run that being the downtown area. I am hoping for a solid finish. I know tomorrow I am going to start a little slower than last week and then pick up the pace around mile 3 to finish strong. Last week I felt myself fade towards the last 2 miles. For this race I will be wearing bib number 1458.  
Stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings in the race. Also 15 weeks from tomorrow is the SF Marathon. Tomorrow is truly the start to my journey to another 26.2. 

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